Our Staff Members

The staff at Sunnyside Church of the Brethren has spent many years devoted to the christian faith. Our staff enjoys sharing that faith and knowledge with others in our church community. Here are a few of Sunnyside Church of the Brethren's staff members, starting with our Pastor:

Randy Shoemaker  (Pastor)
Pastor Randy accepted the Lord in 1981 and became an active Christian from the start. Together with his wife Karen, they became involved with youth ministries for the next 10 years.

Randy has been doing short term missionary work since 1985 which has taken him to Haiti, Russia, and Guatemala. Randy has also enjoyed two educational trips to Israel. He has been involved with prision ministry at the Western Maryland Correctional Institute (WCI) for over 15 years.

Randy was called to the ministry of pastor at Sunnyside COB in January 2011.

Randy Shoemaker
Betty Dzubba  (Secretary)
Betty serves as our church secretary. She is in the church office on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at 9am to 12:30pm.

Betty spent two years in Brethren Volunteer Service(BVS) many years ago and is currently serving on the West Marva District Board and Ministry Commission. Also, on the district level she has begun her second term as Writing Clerk for District Conference and is secretary of the West Marva Women's Fellowship.

Betty Dzubba
Our staff can be reached at the church office or please feel free to contact us through our contact form.